Date: Tuesday, May 16,
Aidan Ridderhaff M 14 5:09.27SB
Joe Dzibela M 38 5:09.86SB
Ciro Marchetti M 49 5:29.05SB
Steven Konopa M 47 5:29.63
Jeff Peterson M 60 5:50.05
Landon Mills M 10 6:17.00***
Justin Rau M 10 6:28.36SB
McLane Maynard M 9 6:38.75
Alex Dzibela M 9 6:48.11
Mary Dzibela W 11 7:00.87
Ted Poulos M 55 8:03.50
Tom O’Neill M 55 9:28.17
Quinn O’Neill M 8 9:33.85SB
Terry McLaughlin M 56 12:59.75SB

***1600 Meter


Event: 3000 Meter
Joe Dzibela M 38 11:37.70SB
Steven Konopa M 47 11:47.74
Jeff Peterson M 60 12:50.01
Landon Mills M 10 13:35.80SB
Ciro Marchetti M 49 13:38.05
Tom O’Neill M 55 17:18.01SB
Terry McLaughlin M 56 26:13.75PR

2000 Meter
Ted Poulos M 55 12:09.13













Date: Tuesday, May 9

Event: Mile
Joe Dzibela M 38 5:32.81SB
Conor O’Neill M 22 5:52.06SB
Ciro Marchetti M 49 5:55.61
Josh Mills M 37 5:58.32SB
Jack Kulstad M 11 6:14.82***
Tracy Dzibela W 39 6:17.58
Landon Mills M 10 6:19.90***
Ted Poulos M 55 6:26.08
Justin Rau M 10 6:35.38***
McLane Maynard M 9 6:44.03SB***
Alex Dzibela M 9 7:13.06SB
Jacob Korn M 8 7:15.58SB
Mary Dzibela W 11 7:23.78SB
Tom O’Neill M 55 9:35.35
Quinn O’Neill M 8 9:38.13SB
Terry McLaughlin M 56 14:02.96SB

***1600 Meter


Event: 3000 Meter
Joe Dzibela M 38 11:53.01SB
Steven Konopa M 47 12:23.40
Tracy Dzibela W 39 12:33.10
Ciro Marchetti M 47 13:25.02
Connor O’Neill M 22 13:45.07SB
Tom O’Neill M 55 14:39.09SB
Terry McLaughlin M 56 26:48.10

Event: 2000 Meter
Ted Poulos M 55 9:25.29


Track Results



Date: Tuesday, May 2

Event: 1500 Meter

Steven Konopa M 47           5:36.67
Joe Dzibela M 38                 5:42.43SB
Tracy Dzibela W 39             5:59.87
Chris Badolato M 31           6:00.83
Jack Kulstad M 11              6:12.72***
Landon Mills M 10              6:17.38***
Justin Rau M 10                  6:31.31SB
Alex Dzibela M 8                 6:38.20
Mary Dzibela W 9                6:51.95SB
Jacob Korn M 10                 6:53.69SB
McLane Maynard M 9          7:02.20
Addyson Hough W 10         7:04.85SB
Tom O’Neil M 55                  7:52.35SB
John Lavin M 51                  8:16.25
Michaela Holmes W 8         8:20.46SB
Terry Mclaughlin M 56        13:13.11

Event: 3000 Meter
Steven Konopa M47           12:13.92
Jeff Peterson M 60             12:15.52SB
Tracy Dzibela W 39            12:49.10
Joe Dzibela M 38                12:49.11
Bill O’Hearn M 47               14:52.09
Terry McLaughlin M 56      27:03.28

FARC Track Series Results



Date: Tuesday, April 25

Event: 1500 Meter
Ciro Marchetti M 49 5:32.18
Steven Konopa M 47 5:32.56
Tracy Dzibela W 39 5:52.06
Jack Morrison M 57 5:55.76
Ted Poulos M 55 5:56.37
Jeff Peterson M 60 5:58.39

Event: 3000 Meter
Steven Konopa M 47 12:02.93
Ted Poulos M 55 12:20.79
Jack Morrison M 57 12:22.83
Tracy Dzibela W 39 12:36.56
Jeff Peterson M 60 12:49.93
Ciro Marchetti M 49 13:39.25
Terry McLaughlin M 55 27:55.96

Wear Blue: Run to Remember WEAR BLUE MILE VOLUNTEERS

Please read below and see how you can honor the sacrifice of our American heroes at this year's Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. 

My name is Kandi Newkirk, and I am the Director of Race Operations for wear blue:run to remember

We are looking for volunteers to build a tribute mile to fallen service members at the Marine Corps Historic Half-Marathon. I am in need of 100 volunteers to ensure that each of our highlighted heroes are honored. I am hoping you and your runners can help me achieve this goal. This will be our third year on the course.

wear blue: run to remember is a running organization that runs to honor the service and sacrifice of the American military. Our running community unites and supports military and their families, veterans, Gold Star families and civilians through active remembrance and meaningful relationships. We motivate and empower individuals to healthier, more inspired living.

One of the ways we honor the sacrifice of our heroes is through our wear blue Mile. wear blue is building a tribute to fallen military heroes on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the Marine Corps Historic Half. While we have running communities who gather across the country on a weekly basis, this tribute, the wear blue Mile, is one of our most visible and inspiring efforts.

The wear blue Mile is comprised of two parts: (1) the Faces of the Fallen posters and (2) American flags (each draped with a black ribbon, bearing the name of a fallen military member) held by volunteers. On race day, volunteers, often fellow military or families of the fallen service members, line a mile of the course to hold large American flags with the names of the fallen service members embroidered onto ribbons attached to each flag. Leading up to the flags, posters are displayed with the photograph and name of each fallen military member whose flags are being held. This wear blue Mile is a moving tribute to honor and humanize those who gave their lives for this country.

We are asking for volunteers to serve on our wear blue Mile at the upcoming Marine Corps Historic Half on Sunday, May 21, 2017. Attached you will find the electronic version of our flyer detailing information for our volunteers.  Light refreshments will be provided, and volunteers can expect to serve until 10:30am. 

Please have all volunteers register online at the following link:

Once registered, volunteers will receive specific information race week as a follow up. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in securing volunteers for a strong and robust Mile honoring our heroes. 

I appreciate any assistance you can offer in helping us reach our goal to create a meaningful wear blue Mile for the runners and volunteers. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 


Kandi R. Newkirk
wear blue: run to remember
Director of Race Operations

Fun Run

The Most Fun Run will start Thursday 4/27/17 at 6pm from J Brian's tap room. Up Hanover to Sunken Road, then miles 5 to 7.5 of MCHH course. Total 4 mile run with a Health and Running Lecture by L. Kash to follow with refreshments and prizes. Don't miss this, it is The Most Fun Run!