Stonewall Jackson Flank March History Run with Fredericksburg Area Racing Team

Attention History/Running Nuts!

This Thursday, 2:00 PM - Stonewall Jackson Flank March HISTORY RUN!

150 years TO THE DAY after the historic Flank March of 1863 at the battle of Chancellorsville. Become part of a new history and retrace Stonewall's steps!

We will be leaving from the Lee/Jackson Bivouac site at 2:00 PM at the corner of Old Plank Road and Military Park Drive (McLaws Drive). Details and map are attached. If someone wants to lead a later group, let us know...or take a half day off work and join us! Good training run for the MCHH! If we have a volunteer to lead a later group, let us know.

ALL PACES WELCOME. Those wanting to run a shorter distance can choose at which point they turn around.

Remember it will only be the 150th anniversary of this event just once! Don't miss out!

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