Couch-to-Braswell 5K Training Program

Check out this free training program brought to you by the Deuce Braswell 5km Run Against Teen Violence
Sarah Pevehouse, a AFAA certified Personal Trainer, RRCA certified Running Coach, and an AAAI certified Sports Nutrition consultant, will be leading the Couch-to-Braswell 5K Training Program, a seven week effort to get anyone ready for the 8th Annual Baron “Deuce” P. Braswell Run Against Teen Violence. The program, which will take place three times per week (Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6p, Sundays @ 8a) is free and open to anyone of any ability, including those who simply wish to walk. Training will take place on the “Spotsy Loop” at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, a flat, paved and lit path with easy access to parking, restrooms, and water. Sarah will be assisted by a local marathon runner who will coordinate some of the sessions.
You can read more about Sarah on her website (
Please spread the word! The drop-in sessions begin Tuesday, 06 August and will continue all the way until the Braswell Race Against Teen Violence on 21 September.

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