FARC Members that have already completed 7 races in the Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix Series!!

CONGRATS for Already Completing 7 races of the series! 
Renee Almond, Nancy Ball, Helena Bozarth, Andrea Carroll, Vic Culp, 
Carol  David, Nick Dunford,  Ronald Edington, Stephanie Hayden 
Zach Minter, Justin C. Neibauer, Rolando Pancotti, Sara Perez, 
Mark Reeves, Gina Thornton, Allen Vaughan, Bob Brammer, Mike Brooks, 
Jim Calvin, Michael Cannon, Timothy Daniels, Rachel Dunai, 
William Hamilton, Tresa  Jones, Leslie Rigby Kash, Patricia Kramer, 
Ruth Olson, Rodger Palko, Debbie Pereira, Ted Poulos, Julie Weber

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