Heritage Festival 5 Mile - Bring a New Runner for Free Special

The Heritage Festival 5 Mile has been a Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix race for the past 20 years. If you have finished one of these 20 races, you can register a friend who has not finished one of these 20 races for free.

To take advantage of this offer, you MUST do the following:
1) Complete the registration process by June 21, 2014
2) Use the on-line registration method only.
3) Add both the experienced runner and the first time runner in your shopping cart prior to check out.
4) Enter the code FREE in the BOGO Promo Code field for the first time runner
5) Your credit card will be charged for both registrations.

Within 7 days of the completing the above process, RTU will query the historical finisher database to confirm both the experienced runner's finish and the first time runner is really a first time runner.

If all conditions are met, a $24 credit will be posted to the credit card used on the original transaction.

If all conditions are not met, you will receive an email indicating the conflicting finish information and both runners will remain registered for the race.

1) Offer is only valid for first 100 free registrations.
2) The Heritage Festival 5 Mile is operated by the Fredericksburg Host Lions and this is their offer.
3) Race Timing Unlimited is helping the Fredericksburg Host Lions manage this offer.
4) All decisions by RTU are final.
5) Any mailed in attempts to take advantage of this offer will aggravate the volunteers that operate this race.
6) If you are already registered and then discover this offer, sorry.

Information on the Heritage Festival 5 Mile at 7:45am on Friday July 4, 2014 is available at http://www.racetimingunlimited.org/R/HF/Info.aspx

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