2016 Fredericksburg Area Running Club Track Series
At James Monroe High School
Date: Tuesday, August 2

Event: 1500 Meter FARC Championship Run...

Chris Badolato M 30 4:52.80
Steven Konopa M 46 5:29.36SB
Jay Harrison M 56 5:32.69
Jeff Peterson M 60 5:34.91SB
Jon Dachos M 50 5:46.36SB
Jack Morrison M 56 6:00.47
Carol David F 50 6:25.16
Mike Brooks M 59 6:36.99
Ted Poulos M 54 8:12.76

Event: 2000 Meter Run
Ted Poulos M 54 11:27.69SB

Event: 3000 Meter FARC Championship Run

Chris Badolato M 30 10:37.46SB
Jay Harrison M 56 11:45.72SB
Steven Konopa M 46 12:12.02
Jack Morrison M 56 12:30.28SB
Jeff Peterson M 60 13:03.59
Carol David F 50 13:41.36SB
Mike Brooks M 59 14:19.52

This is the final meet in our track series for this year. August 9 has been cancelled. Many thanks to everyone who showed up and participated. Thanks to Jon Dachos for overseeing and managing the series for the club. A special thanks goes to Terry Mclaughin who organized, timed and did the results for the series. MVPs were Ciro Marchetti and Tracy Dzibela

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