James Monroe High School Outstanding Support to Local Runners

         The Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC) would like to give a special thank you to the
 James Monroe High School Athletic and Administrative Department for
 their outstanding continual strong support to the local Fredericksburg Running Community.

        FARC has successfully conducted an All Comer's Track Meet Series each summer for the last
22 years with the assistance of JMHS.  In 2016, the Club conducted a total of 20 track meets each Tuesday
night during a relatively cool summer. The 2016 end count metrics had 243 runners show up to enjoy the
track meets held at JMHS Track. The spectrum of participants ranged from young a 9
year old to a 60 years old runner(both were pretty fast!!!). The experience level of the participants included Grade School, Middle School,
Home School, High School, Collegiate and Master Runners who came as far from Richmond to DC for the Tuesday night race events.

        FARC is able to achieve many of our running goals due to the kindness and support Dr. Gordon (Fredericksburg Public Schools Administration)
and his fine team. JMHS had been the enabler to FARC and the community this summer. We salute the school for enhancing the
Fredericksburg runner's opportunities and invite the public to checkout our FARC website to see
the lastest running events at http://www.runfarc.com/.

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