Coldwell Banker Race Series

Can you believe that after a few short months, we’re finally back racing again? I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about what this year has in store. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a lot of fun running with you all. So lace up your shoes and come run with us. Today we kicked off the 2018 Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix Series. Despite the rain, we had a good turn out. Thanks to all of the sponsors, runners, volunteers and who took part in it. Congratulations to all of the winners and kudos to Vic Culp for another fun and successful race. Our next race, the John Robbins Organ Donor 8K, is three short weeks away on March 4th. Other upcoming races include the J Brian’s Tap Room 15K on April 7 and the Stafford Hospital 5K on April 14 (online registration opened on Friday February 9). We have everything that you can ask for in the 2018 Coldwell Banker Elite Grand Prix Series. With 13 races, it’s sort of like a Half Marathon. Each race and each mile have something unique to offer. So please make a point to run any one of these fun events. One of the best ways to stay informed is by joining FARC. The cost is minimal and the benefits of membership are worth every penny. I think that you’ll agree that we’re an energizing, passionate and motivating group of runners with like-minded interests. Those with kids, please consider joining the FARC Ospreys. They’re a talented group of wonderful young runners, led by some amazing coaches, and represent our future. Along the same lines, The Great Train Race is coming up (nope, not part of our series but definitely a worthwhile and fun event). I love participating in it and, if you’re like me, it will put a smile on your face as you see these kids making the effort. Even better, it’s bonus points for volunteering. For those who weren’t at the Grand Prix Awards Banquet on January 20, John Timmerman officially stepped down as the Grand Prix Director after five years of dedicated service. He handed the reigns to me (Jim Christian) and will assist Bret Schmidt and I this year. This being said, here’s how it’s going to work as we strive to serve you this year: Grand Prix Director: Jim Christian (Lead) also responsible for Race Contracts, Current Year Awards, banquet and general questions pertaining to the Series. Jim will also be speaking at the Series races and will send out periodic updates to the club on Facebook and through the FARC website. John Timmerman: Responsible for coordinating all Series volunteer activities and questions. John will handle all Prior Year Awards and the “Seven Race in the Series Shirts”. Bret Schmidt: Responsible for Statistics and Marketing. He will be working closely with Vic Culp. Bret can also assist with any questions that you may have with the Marine Corps Marathon (any races including the Historic Half in May). The easiest way to reach us is via the following e-mail: We’re also available through our contact information listed on each of “The Relay” newsletters. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to lacing up my shoes and running with you at an upcoming race or event. Wishing you all a successful running season. Jim Christian

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